2024 Summer League Season - Important Notes

With score sheets being entered & approved in Compusport you do not need to turn in a paper copy of the score sheet. 

For summer league pay sanction fee for the 2024-25 league season.  The sanction fee during summer is $25 (same as the discounted rate on week one in the fall/winter season).  If paying sanction fee this summer, it will also be good for the fall/winter season. 

The weekly fee is $6 a night per person.  Pay weekly through the app with credit card (or pre-paid card) per player or for entire team.  If you want to pay with cash/check for the entire summer season you can do so in week 1. If you are leaving an envelope with payment for the full summer season, please contact Judy call/text 970-391-7664 or email bmwbilliards@msn.com. We need to know if an envelope is left so it can be collected. Only in week 1 will there be any collection of envelopes.  Weekly envelopes are NOT being picked up.  Please pay through the app.

*Please note policy-Violation of not paying league fees weekly:  Teams’ weekly fees not paid in full by one week from match date will have their rounds wins for that week subtracted from that score sheet.  And will lose those round wins.  Teams will not be able to get those round wins back.  (Opposing team would not get those round wins of the non-paying team.) 


Here is direct link to the new Compusport event:  https://compusport.us/CS/GeneralSearch/Index/12992?callFromHomePage=True