If paying quarterly and have not yet paid for 4th quarter those fees need to be paid by dates below:

 Ft. Collins & Loveland pool leagues if paying your $6 weekly fee by paying every quarter your 4th quarterly fees were due week of 3/21/21.   Pay for 5 weeks is $30 per person (5 weeks x $6 = $30).   With the reduction of league nights due to closures, every 5 weeks is now the quarterly fee schedule for FTCL leagues. 

 Greeley 4th quarter fees were due week of 3/21/21 of $30 per person ($6 x 5 weeks = $30).  

 Longmont 4th quarter fees are due week of 3/31/21 of $24 per person ($6 x 4 weeks = $24).  

   Can pay cash/check and leave in envelope at one of the designated drop off boxes for FTCL teams (Greeley can leave envelope at home bar) or pay through the Compusport app.

To resume league play, the mandate of wearing masks is very important.  Wearing of masks is directly tied to bars remaining open and league play being able to resume.  With mask wearing being very important for health & businesses staying open, there is a new temporary rule involving masks.  New temporary mask rule:  If the bar or your opponent asks you to wear a mask and you refuse, it will be an automatic forfeit and lose of that game for the person refusing to wear a mask. 


All league players please follow the following guidelines for safety of players, keep locations open and leagues running:  

This virus is extremely contagious.

A)  Stay home if you are at all sick!  This is very important.  There is a temporary rule to help a team out if you are short a player due to illness.   Also recommend if you live with someone who is sick, also stay home (including spouses, children and roommates).

B)  Wear a mask!  From the Larimer County Dept. Of Health "Face coverings must be worn at all times, except while drinking or eating. While actively participating in billiards, face coverings must be worn."  Not wearing masks could result in Dept. of Health stopping or canceling the leagues.

C)  Spectators are discouraged

D)  Bring your own cue, chalk & hand sanitizer

E)  Honor social distancing spaces while playing your match  (may want to social distance from your own teammates)

F) Avoid handshaking.  Use fist bump, elbow bump or salute but be sure to continue courtesy and good sportsmanship.

G) Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.  Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.

H) Follow all CDC guidelines

This may not be the only closure this season, so all league players please help us to be able to continue to have play and complete the league season by following CDC guidelines.

Pot Of Gold wk of 3/14/21   $13

Wed FTCL A - Anthony Billot  -  Not in, rolls over


Pot Of Gold wk of 3/21/21  $19

Thurs Greeley II - Chris Golding - Not in, rolls over