(update as of 1/15/21)

 Boulder County (Longmont) pool players we got word this afternoon that we can resume league play!  Longmont leagues will be restarting this coming Wed. Jan. 20th.

 We will be working on updating Longmont schedules and will email captain when schedules have been updated with correct dates for matches.

 The Longmont Moose Lodge does have a new rule when playing there, that only the person playing in a current game & the score keeper (if they want) can be in the pool playing room.  The rest of the team needs to be sitting in the social quarters.

 To resume league play, the mandate of wearing masks is very important.  Wearing of masks is directly tied to bars remaining open and league play being able to resume.  With mask wearing being very important for health & businesses staying open, there is a new temporary rule involving masks.  New temporary mask rule:  If the bar or your opponent asks you to wear a mask and you refuse, it will be an automatic forfeit and lose of that game for the person refusing to wear a mask. 

If there are make-up games needing to be played, please contact the opposing team, and arrange to get those games played.  Please make sure your location can accommodate a make-up match as they are under restriction of capacity.

 The Moose Lodge also needs any players that are not members to be submitting applications to become Moose members.

BMW Billiards

Judy  & Ron


Pot Of Gold wk of 11/8/20 $11

Thurs Doubles Low - Jacob Valencia
Not in, rolls over.
Pot Of Gold wk of 11/15/20 $22
Wed Div II - Jimmy Gonzales
Not in, rolls over.