Dart 4th quarter were due on 3/14/21 ($36 for 6 weeks).

   Can pay cash/check and leave in envelope at one of the designated drop off boxes for FTCL teams (Greeley can leave envelope at home bar) or can pay fees through PayPal.

 To resume league play, the mandate of wearing masks is very important.  Wearing of masks is directly tied to bars remaining open and league play being able to resume.  With mask wearing being very important for health & businesses staying open, there is a new temporary rule involving masks.  New temporary mask rule:  If the bar or your opponent asks you to wear a mask and you refuse, it will be an automatic forfeit and lose of that game for the person refusing to wear a mask. 


Team Dart June 10-16, 2021 in Las Vegas
Need to be signed up & PAID by April 15th

Pot Of Gold week of 3/14/21 $37
Thurs Low Doubles - Brandon Groesbeck - Not in, rolls over
Pot Of Gold week of 3/21/21 $46
Wed Div I - Kevin Snyder - Winner!