All teams must have a Compusport score keeper.  Score keepers will need to enter & approve score sheets.  Most previous score keepers have already been added, if you were not, you can now register to be score keeper for your team.  Download the Compusport App on your smart phone.  Follow yourself and get alerts for your matches and special announcements from wherever you are.

With score sheets being entered & approved in Compusport you do not need to turn in a paper copy of the score sheet.

Week 1 of the season is Sanction/Exhibition night where just the sanction fee & quarters for the games get paid, not the regular weekly fee.  Team round wins & points do not count, but players points and games count towards player stats.  Sanction fee:  Week #1 of the season is "Start Up Discount” sanction fee of $25 per person.  Pay sanction fees through Compusport app.  In app on main page go to “My To-Dos”.  In app can update email, phone number, city & state through your settings account.  After week #1 of season sanction fee is $30.

Starting week #2 weekly fee is $10 a night per person. Pay weekly through app with debit/credit card per player or for entire team.